About Gettin’ Grown

Our evolving society is rife with twists and turns,
temptations, trials, and tests. Whew chile, what a trip! We’re negotiating careers, family and friends, relationships, politics, life transitions…all while learning the practice of self care. Gettin’ Grown was birthed by sister-friends, Chef Jade and Dr. Keia, to collectively process what it really takes to survive and thrive in the worst hood, adulthood.

Each week this hard working and hilarious duo bond around the “kitchen table” to explore “the ghettos of adulting” – often featuring guests from all walks of life. They steer through family dynamics, culture, politics, entertainment, health and wellness with a warm blend of guidance and humor that’s refreshingly transparent. Exchanging lived experiences with this kind of intention, opens the door to vast, relatable, and impactful conversations that make so much more possible for ourselves and our communities.