Tykeia N. Robinson, PH.D.

As a scholar of change and transformation, Dr. Keia brings her personal experience and professional expertise to conversations about the transitions, triumphs, trials, twists & turns of adulting. Tykeia also serves as a Senior Program Officer, on the Transformation at Scale Team for Postsecondary Success at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

A firm believer in the necessity and utility of community, accountability, and support. In 2017, Dr. Keia founded “TeamTypingFast” (TTF) – an online community of practice that prioritizes the wellness, success, and productivity of Black women academics, corporate professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Her personal goals are to stay moisturized, do great work, and pursue and attain ALL things fabulous.

Jade Verette

Jade believes you deserve to feel good. Full stop. From the kitchen to your earbuds, the Brooklyn-based Chef and Veteran Podcast Personality brings distinct flavors, people, and topics into communion in ways that surprise and delight.

She utilizes audio and the culinary arts to craft shared experiences of meaning-making. The themes of Verette’s work span the personal, cultural, and political, with fun auntie commentary flushed in honesty and humor.

Through her two award-winning podcasts, “Gettin’ Grown” and “Jade + XD”, Season 2 host of Heinz presents the Black Kitchen Series, and other offerings, Verette cultivates digital and in-person spaces for authentic connection, where her audience of cosmopolitan humans from a variety of generations can unwind, laugh, and reflect.